Brochure in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Brochure

a folded page or couple of pages created to inform or promote something that usually contains text and/or pictures

Examples of Brochure in a sentence

While at the doctor’s office, Dr. Murphy handed me a brochure to read so that I would know how to handle and maintain my fibromyalgia.  🔊

As the woman skimmed through the brochure left on her doorstep, she realized that a new church was built in the area and it was trying to get new members to join.  🔊

The American Cancer Society publishes a brochure and distributes copies of them throughout the United States so people are informed of the different warning signs of cancer.  🔊

At many visitor centers located at the states’ borders, a brochure for every tourist attraction informs the visitors of the activities in the area.  🔊

After signing up on the internet for information about various colleges in my city, the University of Southern Tennessee sent me a brochure detailing their college programs and campus life.  🔊

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