Imitate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Imitate

to copy or simulate the function of something else

Examples of Imitate in a sentence

Young children will often attempt to imitate their parents, which is why you shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t want your child to do while they’re watching. 🔊

Many insects imitate more deadly animals in order to scare away predators, such as moths with wing markings reminiscent of owls. 🔊

When a TV show has great success in public media, many other producers try to imitate it with a similar product to cash in. 🔊

There are many musicians that have tried to imitate the unique sound of artists in the past, though they usually add their own twist as well.  🔊

Some people find it funny when you imitate someone grumpy or silly in an attempt to make fun of them.  🔊

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