Horrify in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Horrify

to fill someone with horror or shock them

Examples of Horrify in a sentence

Many young boys like to horrify their female counterparts by doing gross things, such as eating dirt or touching worms or other silly shenanigans. 🔊

Many people do not realize how lucky they are, and the reality of the unfortunate people that live elsewhere around the world would horrify them with ease. 🔊

Nothing will ever horrify me as much as the realization that the worst catastrophes to happen to mankind are often atrocities they committed against one another. 🔊

I attempted to horrify my girlfriend by revealing the pet snake I had bought, but apparently she actually thinks they are cute. 🔊

Rats likely hold the title of animal most likely to horrify women around the world, though cockroaches may not be far behind. 🔊

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