Impatient in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Impatient

restless or irritated under delay or opposition

Examples of Impatient in a sentence

After waiting for half an hour in line, the impatient customer stormed out of the store and called the manager to complain. 🔊

Redness formed on the employee’s face as he became impatient waiting for her overdue check from his boss. 🔊

When the handyman said he would start working Saturday on the floors, the homeowner grew impatient as the hours ticked away with no sign of the handyman. 🔊

When the girl yanked the boy’s hair, his impatient nature caused him to punch her in the face instead of walking away from the incident.  🔊

My dogs showed how impatient they are during dinner time when they bounce all around as I am placing their dog bowls on the ground.  🔊

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