Infuriated in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Infuriated

extremely angry

Examples of Infuriated in a sentence

The CEO was infuriated when he saw the fictitious news piece insulting his company.  🔊

She was infuriated when she found out her husband had been lying for the past three weeks.  🔊

He was infuriated to find out his children had snuck into his alcohol cabinet and stolen his good scotch.  🔊

Though the situation infuriated him, he did his best to hide his anger.  🔊

The accusation infuriated him, leaving him to turn and walk away from his friends.  🔊

The infuriated driver crashed his car into the person who had cut him off.  🔊

Without any food all day, he became infuriated over even the smallest annoyance.  🔊

His wife was infuriated when she found out that he wasted all of their money on video games.  🔊

It infuriated him to see how the workers were being treated in his absence.  🔊

The man was infuriated by the unsupported accusations.  🔊

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