Incontrovertible in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Incontrovertible

cannot deny or disprove; unable to change form

Examples of Incontrovertible in a sentence

How can you deny the incontrovertible proof staring you in the face? 🔊

Inconvertible evidence was used to finally put away the ruthless serial killer.  🔊

Failing grades revealed an incontrovertible fact: no student properly studied for the test. 🔊

The video was incontrovertible and couldn’t be converted into DVD form.  🔊

Confronted with the incontrovertible facts, the suspect had to admit his part in the crime.  🔊

After telling Nancy the incontrovertible facts, she realized that I was right and no longer debated me.  🔊

If you give me the incontrovertible truth, then I won't have a reason to argue.  🔊

It seems that the senator’s opinion is incontrovertible and is unable to be swayed.  🔊

Debating that aliens exist cannot be deemed an incontrovertible truth as we have yet to see proof of their existence.  🔊

According to the doctor, the latest test results are incontrovertible proof of the illness.  🔊

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