Alacrity in a Sentence

Definition of Alacrity

liveliness and eagerness; cheerful readiness

Use Alacrity in a sentence

Having studied really hard last night, the student took the exam with alacrity.

The boy jumped up and down with alacrity as he inched closer to the candy store.

My alacrity for playing basketball with friends is much higher than writing a boring research paper.

Six innings in with a home-run, the baseball player swung the bat each time with alacrity.

Her alacrity to learn more about biology grew as she diligently studied the subject.

Because Jessica lacked alacrity in reading, her desire to finish the book diminished.

Though dad never finished high school, watching his son receive a diploma sparked an alacrity to get his GED.

What broke my alacrity to lose weight was my irresistible craving for sweets.

While he once had the desire to learn Chinese, his alacrity to master the language faded after realizing how difficult it really is.

Waiting all her life for this moment, Susan Boyle sung 'I dream of dream' with alacrity, despite having an unwelcoming audience.

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