Veritable in a Sentence  πŸ”Š

Definition of Veritable

used to highlight the realness of a person, place, or thing

Examples of Veritable in a sentence

When the unruly students were left unattended, they turned the classroom into a veritable circus. πŸ”Š

The exhausted oil drillers celebrated, as their black puddle became a veritable fountain of oil. πŸ”Š

As I watched my brother drink beer after beer, I realized he was a veritable sponge. πŸ”Š

Chocolate is a veritable addiction for many women. πŸ”Š

While the film claims to be a veritable encyclopedia of the politician’s early years, it is actually a fictionalized tale penned by a tabloid writer. πŸ”Š

Compared to my noisy apartment in the city, the quiet ocean front villa is a veritable utopia. πŸ”Š

For the prom, the high school gym was turned into a veritable wonderland. πŸ”Š

The seven-acre pumpkin field was a veritable maze. πŸ”Š

With half of her co-workers home ill, Jill felt as though there was a veritable epidemic sweeping the office. πŸ”Š

Technology has made it possible for an individual to carry a veritable record collection on his phone. πŸ”Š

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