Irksome in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Irksome

irritatingly bothersome

Examples of Irksome in a sentence

Hank's fellow employees try to avoid him because of his irksome behavior.  🔊

To avoid the irksome security lines at the airport, Rick has applied for a screening pass that will allow him to reach his gate more quickly.  🔊

My irksome mother-in-law is constantly complaining about the way I clean my home.  🔊

Because Gina did not think of others, she could not imagine her neighbors would find her loud music irksome.  🔊

The worse part of purchasing a new car is the irksome paperwork the buyer must review and sign.  🔊

Since Pat usually gets placed in a group with lazy students, he considers group work to be irksome.  🔊

Even the offer of a bonus did not motivate any of the real estate agents to work with the irksome woman.  🔊

The police officer told the irksome beggar to stop bothering pedestrians.  🔊

On the plane, I sat next to a woman with an irksome toddler who whined throughout the six-hour flight.  🔊

With her countless demands, Gladys can be irksome when she is ill.  🔊

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