Laggard in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Laggard

an individual or group that falls behind others

Examples of Laggard in a sentence

In the race, James was the laggard who finished in last place.  🔊

There is always one laggard who comes in the theater after the movie has started.  🔊

Because Jenna is always the last one to arrive on our outings, she is considered the laggard of our group.  🔊

The laggard in the lion pride often goes hungry because he does not reach the feeding site until most of the food is gone.  🔊

As far as technology goes, my uncle is viewed as a laggard because he does not have a mobile phone.  🔊

The incumbent politician became the laggard in the city council race when he fell behind the other candidates in the polls.  🔊

Of the four companies I own, the cleaning business I am trying to sell is the laggard in terms of profit.  🔊

Since Ginger is a laggard in the marathon, it is highly unlikely she will win the race.  🔊

My boss asked me to fire the laggard on my team who is not as productive as everyone else.  🔊

In our dance group, we have a laggard who cannot keep up with the steps.  🔊

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