Largesse in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Largesse

generous acts of giving gifts or money to a large number of people

Examples of Largesse in a sentence

Because of the millionaire’s largesse, twenty underprivileged graduates now have college scholarships. 🔊

An activist for the poor, Phillip is well-known for his largesse which helps many in need. 🔊

If it were not for the largesse of Diana’s charity, many people in the city would go hungry. 🔊

When I was in need, I benefited from the largesse of an anonymous donor. 🔊

The largesse provided by local corporations will support the building of a neighborhood park. 🔊

Because the donations have been low this year, our church will not be able to give out its usual largesse during the holidays. 🔊

Even before he won the lottery, Albert performed acts of largesse within the homeless community. 🔊

Government largesse should not be given to greedy corporations who take advantage of consumers. 🔊

Although I am glad my grandmother is a generous person, her largesse has almost put her in the poor house. 🔊

If it were not for my employer’s largesse, I would not be driving a company car. 🔊

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