Lavish in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Lavish

luxurious or elegant

Examples of Lavish in a sentence

Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings.  🔊

Because I have lavish tastes, I work hard to earn a salary that allows me to buy fine things.  🔊

The lavish buffet items include filet mignon, shrimp cocktails, and five types of European caviar.  🔊

Even though Amy had a good job, she still could not afford to take lavish trips like her wealthy girlfriends.  🔊

The billionaire owned twelve cars, several lavish homes, and two airplanes.  🔊

For our senior prom, we decided to decorate the gym with lavish silk and satin draperies.  🔊

The lavish house had ten bedrooms, seven baths, and an indoor swimming pool.  🔊

During the summer, many celebrities hold lavish parties at their beachfront homes.  🔊

After Rick spent all of his inheritance, he saw his lavish lifestyle come to an end.  🔊

Since Nancy values the simple things in life, she is unimpressed by lavish gifts.  🔊

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