Sumptuous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Sumptuous

splendid; of the best quality

Examples of Sumptuous in a sentence

My eyes grew large when I saw the sumptuous wedding feast. 🔊

Since the filmmaker only spent a few hours on the movie, he was not surprised to have a finished project that was far from sumptuous.  🔊

The sumptuous leather coat is sure to cost a great deal of money. 🔊

Even though the hotel furnishings were quite sumptuous, the décor did not make up for the fact the hotel had not been properly cleaned.  🔊

The restaurant’s sumptuous buffet had some of the finest foods from all over the world.  🔊

As I sank into the sumptuous seats of the luxury vehicle, I knew I was going to enjoy the long road trip.  🔊

Mary had to remember her diet each time she looked at the sumptuous banquets on the cruise ship.  🔊

Because I love a great breakfast, I was happy I had booked my vacation in a bed-and-breakfast that provided a sumptuous spread each morning.  🔊

The hotel chef prepared a sumptuous picnic lunch for the newly married couple.  🔊

During the party, we quickly ran out of the sumptuous appetizers.  🔊

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