Sublime in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sublime

something of such excellence, impressive or awe-inspiring

Examples of Sublime in a sentence

After the sublime meal, we asked to see the chef so that we could give him our compliments.  🔊

Following a sublime evening of romance, Greg was haunted by the lingering scent of Sarah’s intoxicating perfume.  🔊

Even though the wildfires have devastated acres of forestland, the smoke in the atmosphere has created sunsets that are nothing less than sublime.  🔊

Because of a bad case of laryngitis, the soprano wasn’t able to sing, but her understudy received a standing ovation for stepping into the role and delivering a sublime performance.  🔊

Jess’s favorite element of the cruise was the beautiful views and sublime scenery along the Alaskan coast.  🔊

The orchestra performed a sublime rendition of Mahler’s Symphony No. 4.  🔊

Claudia has suffered through some very difficult times, and it’s her sublime faith that keeps her strong.  🔊

After seven years, Candace felt that her marriage was getting stale, and she decided to find a way to rekindle the sublime happiness that she and James had enjoyed in the early years.  🔊

Although the young starlet has a sublime figure, she is very modest on the beach and stays covered up when she’s not in the water.  🔊

Compared to the ordinary tract homes in our own neighborhood, these beach homes are absolutely sublime!  🔊

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