Lipid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Lipid

a substance (such as wax, fat, or oil) that will dissolve in alcohol but not water

Examples of Lipid in a sentence

Lipids are the building blocks of living cells and come in a variety of options (waxes, fats, or oils.)  🔊

Lipid substances, like fats and oils, are insoluble in water and will not dissolve.  🔊

There are many products made from lipid substances including wax-based candles and beeswax candy.  🔊

Chewing gum has a high lipid level because it is made out of substances that will dissolve in alcohol but not water.  🔊

Because a lipid is a fatty substance, too much of this fatty acid can harden your arteries and cause heart problems.  🔊

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