Loneliness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Loneliness

an emotion or feeling of solitude, in which one laments a lack of company

Examples of Loneliness in a sentence

His day is marked by loneliness, without the company of any friends or family to make him smile or laugh.  🔊

While many people like to be alone every once in a while, they soon find themselves a victim to loneliness if they have no contact with anyone for too long.  🔊

Most dogs hate the feeling of loneliness, being filled with sadness while their owners are away and filled with joy when they return.  🔊

Many young children do not like the feeling of loneliness, which is why they misbehave to get the attention of the people around them.  🔊

I hate loneliness, so I make sure that I spend time with my friends at least every two days, and even less than that if I can help it.  🔊

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