Long overdue in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Long overdue

something that should have happened much earlier but hasn’t

Examples of Long overdue in a sentence

Since the parents worked every week for years without taking a break, their family vacation was long overdue. 🔊

After receiving birthday gifts from her friends a month ago, Taylor immediately sat down to write the thank you notes since they were long overdue. 🔊

When the couple finally had their first baby at the age of 40, the grandparents were tired of waiting for their long overdue grandchildren to enter their lives. 🔊

Since Cynthia hadn’t made a mortgage payment in over two years, paying their house bill was long overdue which surprised them that they weren’t evicted. 🔊

The student’s assignment was long overdue since the deadline to turn it in was two months ago. 🔊

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