Raincheck in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Raincheck

a promise that something that was supposed to occur now will be accepted later

Examples of Raincheck in a sentence

I know I promised you a dance, but something has come up so I’ll have to take a raincheck.  🔊

You will have to take a raincheck on our date to the movies, as I just found out that my Uncle is in the hospital.  🔊

If you are still determined to do some activity but cannot do it right now, you must take a raincheck and do it later.  🔊

I had to take a raincheck for the date with my girlfriend because I got stuck in traffic, but we’ll do it again some other time.  🔊

If you miss out on something but now you will reschedule and do it later, you have taken a raincheck on the matter.  🔊

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