Louse in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Louse

an immobile insect that extracts blood from humans or animals

Examples of Louse in a sentence

Once the child began to scratch her head, a louse was found attached to a follicle of her hair. 🔊

The mother was relieved to have found a louse on her son’s scalp as opposed to a tick since ticks carry diseases. 🔊

Brushes, clothing, and bedsheets had to be sterilized when a louse was found fastened to the root of Bob’s hair. 🔊

If a louse was detected on a student’s head, that student was sent home immediately from school to prevent an infestation. 🔊

When lice plagued the elementary school, school nurses were trained to look at the hair roots of the students because a louse liked to feed off the blood through the scalp. 🔊

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