Tarantula in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tarantula

a big furry spider that does sting but is usually not dangerous

Examples of Tarantula in a sentence

As the tarantula crawled across the floor, its eight hairy legs and giant body caused people to scream but were too scared to step on it.  🔊

A picture of a tarantula adorned the old house’s front door on Halloween night because the owner wanted a scary arachnid on her door.  🔊

Once the tarantula bit the young boy as its eight legs crawled up his ankle, the science expert in the group told him that he would most likely be okay.  🔊

While using one of its eight legs, the hairy tarantula began to burrow itself underground on the floor of the Amazon rainforest.  🔊

Screams pierced the air as the children thought a tarantula was walking across the room but instead it was a smaller smoother granddaddy long legs.  🔊

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