Manifest Destiny in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Manifest Destiny

an action or event that is believed that it will definitely take place

Examples of Manifest Destiny in a sentence

When the powerful United States wanted to take over the land in Oklahoma, it was a manifest destiny that the Native Americans would be forced off their land within a few months.  🔊

With lots of determination, faith and well-trained soldiers, it was the manifest destiny that the European Christians would conquer the holy lands in the Middle East.  🔊

Once people began to see that technology was on the rise, their confidence in the manifest destiny of the continuing increase in technology was proven with the electronics we have today.  🔊

If a poor woman contracts a disease and does not have health insurance to pay for it, it is the manifest destiny that the woman will wait as late as possible to get medical attention.  🔊

In the early modern times, the manifest destiny of science education would surge in the near future due to the science revolution taking place.  🔊

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