Summarily in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Summarily

immediately, swiftly

Examples of Summarily in a sentence

Being late for the third day in a row, he was summarily fired. 🔊

Because of his history as a town drunk, his claims of an alien abduction were summarily dismissed. 🔊

The man became frustrated when each of his ideas were summarily dismissed. 🔊

After years of research, the scientist was upset when his findings were summarily rejected. 🔊

He was shocked to arrive at work only to be summarily dismissed. 🔊

The journalist was disappointed to have yet another story idea summarily rejected. 🔊

Knowing that the suspect was innocent, the judge summarily dismissed all charges. 🔊

Though he had some original ideas, they were all summarily dismissed. 🔊

Though his advisor was pretty convincing, the president summarily dismissed the recommendation. 🔊

After the company was purchased, all of the workers were summarily dismissed. 🔊

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