Marxism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Marxism

a social and political theory that is the opposite of capitalism and argues that production and all of the means of public ownership should lie in the hands of the workers

Examples of Marxism in a sentence

The socialist theory of Marxism says that people are grouped into categories based on their relationship to how things are made.  🔊

Marxism states that in order for capitalists to generate money, workers must be exploited and their wages lowered frequently.  🔊

Marxism is a political theory that opposes capitalism and holds that most struggles in history are really about economic class.  🔊

The theory of Marxism promotes socialism, or a society built on public ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange.  🔊

In his theory of Marxism, Karl Marx holds that workers will eventually revolt and bring down capitalistic societies that exploit them.  🔊

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