Borked in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Borked

to obstruct someone from achieving a position of political power through defamation

Examples of Borked in a sentence

The would-be senator was borked by his rival when the latter dug up some unflattering evidence of a not so honorable past.  🔊

I had a comfortable lead in the campaign for student council president, but I was borked at the last second when my competitor reminded everyone of my embarrassing middle school years.  🔊

I wonder how many politicians have lost their chance at being President simply because they were borked by their malicious opponents.  🔊

Even though there is not always real merit to the slander being thrown around, a politician that is borked by his opponent will likely not get rid of the implications of the lies very easily.  🔊

If there is no real means of stopping a political opponent from besting them, many underhanded politicians have resorted to borking their foes with unflattering slander that makes them look bad.  🔊

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