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Definition of Matriculate

to become a student at a school, especially a college or university

Examples of Matriculate in a sentence

After high school, I will matriculate at a local community college. 🔊

Only the best and the brightest can matriculate at Ivy League universities. 🔊

Rather than matriculate right after graduation and incur debt, James would prefer to enlist in the military for two years so he can save money for school. 🔊

Everyone who chooses to matriculate at Smith-Jones University will receive a free laptop computer. 🔊

Surprisingly, the billionaire dropped out of high school and made the decision to not matriculate at any institution of higher learning. 🔊

Before Larry decides to matriculate at the technical school, he first wants to speak with a few of the professors who teach classes in his potential major. 🔊

Anyone who can pay the tuition fees is allowed to matriculate at an online school that has not been endorsed by an academic board. 🔊

Although Sarah did matriculate at Harvard for one year, she did not graduate from the famed university. 🔊

Jason has received a full scholarship offer to matriculate at one of the top colleges in the country. 🔊

Before you can matriculate at the college I attend, you must first complete an application and have your educational records forwarded to the school. 🔊

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