Peccadillo in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Peccadillo

a small mistake or fault

Examples of Peccadillo in a sentence

Because Josh had grown tired of Patty’s criticism of every little peccadillo, he asked her for a divorce. 🔊

Unless you’re perfect, you should never complain about a peccadillo of someone else.  🔊

When I tried to apologize, Jean just laughed and told me that it was just a small peccadillo and I had nothing to be sorry about. 🔊

While being fifteen minutes past curfew is just a peccadillo, coming home at dawn is a major problem and you have some explaining to do.  🔊

As a successful movie star, she assumed that the public would consider her shoplifting arrest as a minor peccadillo, but she soon found she was wrong.  🔊

Although for some people playing computer games is no more than a pleasant peccadillo, there are others who actually seem to become addicted and can’t get anything accomplished.  🔊

Every politician is bound to have a peccadillo or two, but the senator from that state should be ashamed for all the scandals he has been involved in.  🔊

As long as their peccadillo hadn’t hurt any of the other students, the principal let them off easy with an apology and three hours of community service.  🔊

It was just a peccadillo, but once it was leaked to the press, it was sensationalized into a full-fledged felony.  🔊

Her biggest peccadillo is her tendency to waste time, and she is always beating herself up because of it.  🔊

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