Megalomania in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Megalomania

a mental disorder that leads individuals to think they are more influential and powerful than everyone else

Examples of Megalomania in a sentence

Helen’s megalomania allowed her to believe she could drive under the influence without putting her life in jeopardy. 🔊

Because Jeff has been taking medication for his megalomania, he no longer believes he is invincible. 🔊

The singer’s megalomania has turned her into an arrogant woman who is disliked by everyone who truly knows her. 🔊

Even though Grant does not suffer from megalomania, he sometimes acts as if he is the most important person on the planet. 🔊

Leslie showed signs of megalomania when she assumed everyone at the party was there to serve her. 🔊

After the psychiatrist interviewed Rick, he diagnosed him with megalomania, a mental condition in which a person becomes preoccupied by the thought of having power over others. 🔊

Kate’s megalomania prevents her from realizing there are other students just as intelligent as she is. 🔊

Because Matt suffers from megalomania, he once broke into the presidential palace and claimed it as his home. 🔊

Josh’s megalomania led him to believe he could rob a bank and not be charged with a crime. 🔊

When Sarah won the beauty pageant, she became affected with a case of megalomania that made being around her intolerable. 🔊

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