Memorabilia in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Memorabilia

items treasured by people due to their past fascination in a remarkable person or occasion

Examples of Memorabilia in a sentence

Due to the baseball memorabilia scattered across the garage sale table, the patrons realized that the homeowner brought home many souvenirs from the baseball games he attended.  🔊

Memorabilia from all of the couple’s vacations rested in a display case so that their friends could see artifacts and mementos from every country the couple visited.  🔊

At the auction, the auctioneer began to sell off the famous Nascar racer’s memorabilia of playing cards, toy cars and posters.  🔊

Frustrated by the cluttered boxes of her husband’s collection of sports memorabilia, the wife threw away thousands of dollars worth of signed baseballs and baseball cards.  🔊

In order to determine whether the band’s memorabilia is authentic, the owner of the autographed albums took them to an appraiser.  🔊

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