Miffed in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Miffed

to be irritated and upset

Examples of Miffed in a sentence

When the paperboy continued to throw the newspaper into the puddle of water, the owner was miffed at the thoughtless boy.  🔊

As the inconsiderate teenage boy continued to smack his gum with his mouth wide open, the ladies sitting next to him were miffed with the distracting noise.  🔊

Sarah was miffed by her boyfriend’s lie about being gravely sick as soon as she found him at the movie theater with his friends.  🔊

The children were always miffed when they would be forced by their parents to play with bossy Janice.  🔊

Even though no one else was required to come into work on Saturday, Tom was miffed that his boss demanded that he work overtime this week.  🔊

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