Miscellaneous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Miscellaneous

consisting of many different kinds of things that might not go together

Examples of Miscellaneous in a sentence

As a collector, he would sometimes buy a miscellaneous assortment of pennies hoping to find one worthy money. 🔊

His wallet was completely disorganized, miscellaneous bills thrown every which way.  🔊

Her purse held a strange assortment of miscellaneous items. 🔊

The boy sorted through his miscellaneous Legos to build some interesting designs.  🔊

She kept a miscellaneous selection of movies on hand in case any of her guests wanted to watch something.  🔊

The miscellaneous collection of books had some interesting authors in it.  🔊

The soldier sorted through a miscellaneous selection of bullets to find the ones he needed.  🔊

He purchased a miscellaneous lot of cards, hoping he would get the one he was after.  🔊

They sold a miscellaneous assortment of 100 marbles at the garage sale for $1.  🔊

Her purse held a strange assortment of miscellaneous items.  🔊

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