Sleazy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sleazy

shabby, dishonest, immoral

Examples of Sleazy in a sentence

The sleazy salesman would make up anything to sell his product.  🔊

He felt a bit sleazy after lying to his girlfriend about where he was going.  🔊

Lawyers, salesmen, and politicians are often considered sleazy just based on their professions.  🔊

The sleazy politician had stooped to a new low.  🔊

His sleazy business practices led other owners to avoid him like the plague.  🔊

He did not want to become just another sleazy politician, which is why he refused to accept the bribe.  🔊

Even knowing his client was lying, the sleazy lawyer exploited a loophole to get him off.  🔊

Though he was known as a sleazy businessman, he actually was quite a philanthropist and always observed honest business practices.  🔊

She warned her friend not to date such a sleazy person.  🔊

Though she could not put her finger on why, there was something sleazy about her neighbor.  🔊

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