Nebulous in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Nebulous

Unclear, vague; not clearly defined

Examples of Nebulous in a sentence

1. It was not difficult to realize her answer to the question was nebulous. 🔉

2. Scientists are not certain why nebulous gas balls rotate around the planet. 🔉

3. After the accident, his memories were quite nebulous.  🔉

4. Beauty is a nebulous term until it is defined by the beholder. 🔉

5. With his telescope, he could see the nebulous star very well.  🔉

6. Everyone is wondering if the benefits of cloud computing are nebulous. 🔉

7. While the driving teacher thought his instructions were clear, the students found them to be nebulous. 🔉

8. Before the man drifted into unconsciousness, he voiced nebulous words about a hidden treasure. 🔉

9. In the Bible, there are many quotes about nebulous figures coming down from heaven. 🔉

10. I wish I would have a dream that was not so nebulous in its meaning! 🔉

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