Hackneyed in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hackneyed

repeated too often; overused

Examples of Hackneyed in a sentence

Too often used by young girls, the word “like” has become hackneyed.  🔊

Every time my internet goes down, the cable company gives me a hackneyed explanation.  🔊

Although I like him as a talk show host, his hackneyed catchphrase is starting to get on my nerves!  🔊

The impersonator’s performance was made worse by his hackneyed impressions.  🔊

Eventually, the phrase became so hackneyed that people stopped saying it.  🔊

Because I understand the meaning of the word "love", I do not want it to be overused to the point where it becomes hackneyed.  🔊

Since dyeing your hair purple has become a hackneyed style, I am dyeing my hair green!  🔊

When it comes to writing, teachers frown against students using hackneyed phrases.  🔊

“A hackneyed version of her previous works” is how the critics described the author’s new novel.  🔊

Even though the movie’s plot has been hackneyed to death, I still enjoyed watching my favorite actor.  🔊

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