Obviate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Obviate

to prevent or eliminate

Examples of Obviate in a sentence

We replaced the old mechanisms because we wanted to obviate any nervousness about potential breakdown. 🔊

I tried to obviate my mother’s awkwardness with the cell phone by telling her it wasn’t necessary to hold it up to her mouth when she speaks into it.  🔊

Because he wanted to obviate the strain of climbing the stairs, Dr. Johnson ordered the patient to have his bedroom furniture moved to the room on the bottom floor. 🔊

Even though the government has employed many safeguards to obviate abuse of the welfare system, there are still too many people robbing the taxpayers through fraudulent claims.  🔊

Nowadays, parents are able to obviate the stresses of a long road trip with children by entertaining them with all sorts of technological gadgets.  🔊

In the mind of a packrat, hoarding is simply a logical way to obviate the problem of not having something when you need it.  🔊

After his mother had fallen in the bathtub, Farley installed safety rails in order to obviate any recurrence of such a mishap.  🔊

Because our mother was always inclined to obviate conflict under any circumstances, we all got our own gifts on our siblings’ birthdays.  🔊

If you want to obviate the risk of skin cancer throughout your life, it’s important that you are protected from sun exposure from the time you are an infant.  🔊

While we understood that Garth wanted to obviate all possibilities of landing in a sand trap, we were annoyed that he was taking so long to hit the ball.  🔊

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