Orator in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Orator

one who excels at speaking to an audience

Examples of Orator in a sentence

Thad is a much-liked orator who keeps people fully engaged while he is speaking.  🔊

If you want to be a successful politician, you should strive to become a great orator so you can win votes with your words.  🔊

I left the room as soon as the racist orator started to spread his message of hate.  🔊

Because Heather is a gifted orator, she is often called upon to host events.  🔊

Most people do not consider Mark to be an orator because of his stuttering condition.  🔊

Unlike myself, my sister is a skilled orator who never gets nervous talking in front of a crowd.  🔊

Katie was looking forward to hearing the guest orator speak in her economics class.  🔊

Because Rick is an excellent orator who can sway people with his speech, he is an amazing lawyer.  🔊

I realized Angie was a wonderful orator when I heard her deliver an amazing spoken word poem.  🔊

Since Marie knows she is not an orator, she frets about taking the public speaking class required for graduation.  🔊

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