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Because Amy was brought up to always be respectful, she restrained the urge to make a sarcastic retort to the young man’s question about her zodiac sign. 🔊

When the conversation turned to critical comments about her outfit, Brenda had to stifle a retort about Emma’s crooked teeth. 🔊

Why is it that you can never think of a good retort to an insult until long after the opportunity has passed? 🔊

Knowing that my job might depend on my reaction, I stopped myself from giving my boss the retort that I wanted to make to his comment. 🔊

Because she wanted to make her point more dramatic, Claire accented her retort with a few words she would normally never have used in civilized conversation. 🔊

Although Jean tried to retort to the unfair accusation, she was so outraged that she could only splutter a stream of meaningless nonsense. 🔊

While Winston wanted to retort and let the bully know that he wasn’t afraid of him, he knew deep inside that he would probably be beaten to a pulp if he did. 🔊

Realizing that Rudy was trying to start an argument, Maria scowled at him but decided not to retort. 🔊

If I hadn’t been so foolish as to retort to the judge, I wouldn’t have to pay this $500 fine. 🔊

Patrick decided to retort to the accusations by posting his own counter-attack on Twitter. 🔊

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