Reputed in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Reputed

reported to be such a way

Examples of Reputed in a sentence

A local gang is reputed to have killed the storeowner because he refused to pay protection money. 🔊

Although the fiber powder is reputed to be tasteless, it actually has a metal taste when dissolved in liquids.  🔊

Most people avoided Tommy Luchino because he was reputed to have mob connections. 🔊

Because Hilary was reputed to have a bad temper, I went out of my way to not offend her.  🔊

Everyone wants to eat at John’s house because his mother is reputed to be an amazing cook.  🔊

Even though Kim is reputed to be wealthy, she is actually desperate for money.  🔊

Jill’s parents sent her to rehab after they heard she was reputed to be a drug addict.  🔊

Since the cafeteria food was reputed to be awful, I was surprised when I received a delicious steak sandwich and mouthwatering fries.  🔊

Don’t eat those berries because they are reputed to cause diarrhea!  🔊

Although no DNA tests have been performed, Ben is reputed to be the child’s father.  🔊

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