Organization in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Organization

a group of individuals who come formally come together for a specific cause or purpose

Examples of Organization in a sentence

An emergency aid organization stepped in to provide medical care, shelter, and food supplies to Japan after a tsunami devastated the coast.  🔊

The charity organization was composed of over a hundred church-going ladies who knit hats for cancer patients.  🔊

The military aid organization sent care packages to soldiers overseas that were filled with personalized snacks and letters from loved ones.  🔊

The crime organization was built by a local group of gang leaders who used weekly meetings to discuss which gangs would sell drugs, weapons, and stolen merchandise.  🔊

The local bakery was part of a small business organization that focused on spreading the word about local businesses, finding funding, and providing tips for how to successful run a business.  🔊

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