Orphanage in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Orphanage

a public institution for the care and protection of orphans

Examples of Orphanage in a sentence

Since their parents died in a plane crash, Paul and Kevin would go to an orphanage since no relatives would let them live in their houses. 🔊

Ms. Peterson was aware that her student lived in a group home instead of an orphanage because his parents still had limited supervision to see him. 🔊

After shutting down the abusive orphanage, many of the kids went to live in foster care dispersed throughout the state. 🔊

Missouri’s state orphanage was already busting at the seams with over 200 children in their small facility when 50 more children would be placed there.  🔊

Missy appreciated any attention even as an adult due to the lack of parental attention she received growing up in an orphanage.  🔊

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