Oscillate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Oscillate

to swing back and forth

Examples of Oscillate in a sentence

Though you cannot see it, sound waves constantly oscillate as they travel through the air.  🔊

The pendulum oscillated side to side, making it difficult for the man to focus on anything but the clock.  🔊

To aide with his hypnosis, the hypnotists oscillated a pocket watch in front of his patient.  🔊

As a demonstration, the science teacher placed a string on top of a speaker so his students could watch it oscillate.  🔊

After being presented with new evidence, he could not help but oscillate somewhat on his opinion.  🔊

Lying in his hospital bed, the young boy watched his heartbeat oscillate on the monitor.  🔊

As a politician, it is expected that he will sometimes oscillate on his policy, changing his stance as new evidence is presented.  🔊

Watching the readings from the earthquake, the scientist could easily see the intensity oscillate.  🔊

The musician watched the metronome oscillate back and forth, using it to keep himself from playing too quickly.  🔊

The professor explained that all waves oscillate at a different frequency.  🔊

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