Sidle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sidle

to move in a discreet manner, often by walking sideways

Examples of Sidle in a sentence

Members of the rescue team will sidle around the building to avoid being seen by the kidnappers.  🔊

Because the cars were packed in the driveway, I had to sidle between them in order to get to the house.  🔊

The doorway wasn’t very wide so even the dwarf had to turn sideways to sidle through it.  🔊

When my friend spies a pretty woman at a bar, he’ll sidle up to her and try to use one of his pickup lines before she flees.  🔊

With the walls closing in on him, the game’s hero has to turn sidelong and then sidle to make it out of the maze.  🔊

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