Paraphernalia in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Paraphernalia

an assortment of items that are required for a specific task or activity

Examples of Paraphernalia in a sentence

Cathy is going to get plates, balloons, and other party paraphernalia at the drugstore.  🔊

Martha could easily spend hours in any store that specializes in cooking paraphernalia.  🔊

While searching the man’s vehicle, the police found needles and other drug paraphernalia.  🔊

I tossed out all my political paraphernalia after my candidate lost the race.  🔊

During the surgery, the technician handed the surgeon essential paraphernalia such as sponges and clamps.  🔊

Mark was concerned about his teenage daughter when he found condoms and other sex paraphernalia in her bedroom.  🔊

Over the years, Elizabeth has collected a huge amount of holiday paraphernalia that she uses to decorate her home each year.  🔊

Inside of the supremacist’s camp, authorities stumbled upon a great deal of anti-government paraphernalia.  🔊

Because Chuck is a huge basketball fan, his entire home is decorated with his beloved team’s paraphernalia.  🔊

Someone stole my shovel and other landscaping paraphernalia from my shed.  🔊

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