Litany in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Litany

a lengthy record

Examples of Litany in a sentence

The landlord was tired of listening to his tenant’s litany of complaints about the property.  🔊

When I listened to my mother’s litany of criticisms about the nursing home staff, I was shocked by some of her accusations.  🔊

The criminal’s litany of crimes filled a huge folder in the prosecutor’s office.  🔊

Before Ellen could walk after her surgery, she had to face a litany of challenges.  🔊

The politician quickly stated a litany of reasons why his political rival was an unsuitable candidate for office.  🔊

Because I am a housewife, I normally have a litany of boring chores to perform each day.  🔊

The lawyer promised to provide the jury with a litany of facts that would prove his client’s innocence.  🔊

Before committing suicide, the man wrote a letter that contained a litany of disappointments about his life.  🔊

The jury sentenced the killer to two life sentences for the litany of crimes he committed over two decades.  🔊

During the divorce hearing, my wife presented a litany of grievances that related to our unhappy marriage.  🔊

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