Peck in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Peck

to jab or poke at something

Examples of Peck in a sentence

Since the bird’s eggs were in the same tree with the snake, the mother bird continued to peck at the snake.  🔊

As the mother continued to talk on her cell phone, the impatient little girl would peck at her mother’s leg to get her attention.  🔊

I noticed that the cows slowly graze on the grass, but the baby chicks peck at the chick feed on the ground.  🔊

Loud knocking sounds woke me up early on Saturday morning with two woodpeckers continuing to peck at the side of our house.  🔊

Since the girl was grounded, her boyfriend would climb the rose trellis to her second story room and peck on her window pane.  🔊

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