Phlegmatic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Phlegmatic

not easily upset, excited, or angered

Examples of Phlegmatic in a sentence

The minister of my church is a phlegmatic man who never seems to get upset about anything.  🔊

After our football coach was suspended because of his emotional outbursts, he went to therapy so he could work on being more phlegmatic.  🔊

Even though Jeff is constantly being yelled at by his wife, he normally remains phlegmatic and does not get upset.  🔊

The normally phlegmatic man could not help but yell when he won a gigantic lottery prize.  🔊

While my husband tends to scream when he is bothered by something, I am more phlegmatic and rarely raise my voice.  🔊

Because Jennifer has a phlegmatic personality and rarely allows things to bother her, she manages stress very well.  🔊

Although the members of the soccer team were upset about losing the game, their phlegmatic coach urged them to look toward future matches.  🔊

The phlegmatic man did not show any emotion as he watched his wife give birth to their daughter.  🔊

Since the political candidate was phlegmatic and hardly ever showed his feelings, he found it difficult to connect with the voters.  🔊

Even though the clown tried very hard, he could not get the phlegmatic girl to laugh.  🔊

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