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Definition of Dexterous

having or showing great skill or cleverness

Examples of Dexterous in a sentence

Since I do not often use my left hand, I am not dexterous when I use it for writing.  🔊

The chimpanzee is a dexterous animal that can maneuver objects as well as a human does.  🔊

The old carpenter’s hands are no longer dexterous enough for him to build furniture.  🔊

At the age of six, the boy revealed he was a dexterous pianist and played his first sold-out concert.  🔊

The masseuse’s dexterous hands made me feel like a brand new person.  🔊

Although Janet is not a great singer, she is a dexterous guitarist who can play a song after hearing it only once.  🔊

The county’s bomb squad is made of dexterous men and women who are highly skilled at detonating explosives.  🔊

As the crowd cheered, the dexterous acrobat flipped from one high bar to another.  🔊

The dexterous painter could perfectly reproduce any painting within two hours.  🔊

Because Harold is a dexterous pool player, he rarely loses a game.  🔊

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