Palliate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Palliate

to get rid of or alleviate

Examples of Palliate in a sentence

After surgery, Greg received large does of medications to palliate his suffering.  🔊

Kurt hoped he could palliate his wife’s anger by buying her flowers.  🔊

After a long night of drinking, Bill takes a pill to palliate the symptoms of the hangover he expects to have the next day.  🔊

Perhaps a nap will palliate my headache.  🔊

While the doctor cannot cure the disease, he can give treatments to palliate the terrible effects of the illness.  🔊

The government believes stimulus checks will palliate some of the country’s economic issues.  🔊

During the counseling session, the therapist will try and palliate the conflict between the frustrated couple.  🔊

The psychologist suggested I write a letter to my deceased mother in order to palliate the anger I felt towards her.  🔊

In their studies, the nurses learned many ways to palliate their patients’ misery.  🔊

The cream should palliate the itching caused by the contact with poison ivy.  🔊

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