Placid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Placid

not easily upset or excited

Examples of Placid in a sentence

Even when the emergency room was packed with patients, the staff remained placid and calmly did their duties.  🔊

The stock market has been far from placid during the economic crisis.  🔊

While the water may appear placid right now, the waves were quite rough earlier.  🔊

The placid husband was the total opposite of his easily upset wife.  🔊

After the angry man took the pills, he became placid and quiet.  🔊

Most police officers have placid personalities and are not disturbed by annoying people.  🔊

Unless the placid cat was disturbed, it would rest for countless hours on the floor.  🔊

Despite popular opinion, pit bulls are placid animals that normally pose no threat to children.  🔊

Because of his relationship with God, the priest was a placid man who was not bothered by many things.  🔊

Taking the yoga class has helped me release my stress so I can become more placid.  🔊

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