Pliable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pliable

easily bent or formed

Examples of Pliable in a sentence

Even though the hose seemed pliable, Henry wasn’t able to curve it around the corner of the house.  🔊

The pliable wire made it possible to bend it into the ideal contour for slipping through the door frame to unlock the door.  🔊

Compared to oak trees, the willow’s branches are pliable, tending to bend gracefully in a strong wind instead of breaking.  🔊

You should always warm up before you exercise so that your muscles are pliable and you’re less likely to be injured.  🔊

Because plastic is pliable but sturdy, it is used in the manufacture of many of today’s most popular consumer products.  🔊

Once this material is exposed to extreme temperatures, it is no longer pliable and will break easily.  🔊

Since the vinyl covering is no longer pliable, you might as well throw it away.  🔊

While his schoolboy ambitions were pliable and bounced from one dream to another, he seems to have finally settled on the perfect career.  🔊

You could say that he had a pliable interpretation of the rules.  🔊

If you want to be able to predict a behavioral outcome, you should focus on controlled technology rather than pliable human beings.  🔊

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