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Definition of Dynamics

a term used to describe how something changes over time

Examples of Dynamics in a sentence

Emma was fascinated by the dynamics of group dynamics, and spent hours studying the ways in which different personalities and communication styles interacted with one another.  🔊

The dynamics of the ecosystem are delicate and can be easily disrupted by human actions.  🔊

The dynamics of the situation quickly escalated, leading to a tense confrontation.  🔊

The dynamics of the classroom shifted as the students became more engaged in the lesson.  🔊

The dynamics of the global economy are constantly shifting and evolving, making it difficult to predict the future and plan for long-term success.  🔊

The dynamics of the company changed drastically after the merger with another organization.  🔊

The dynamics of the classroom changed significantly when the new teacher arrived, as she brought with her a fresh approach and a wealth of knowledge and experience.  🔊

The dynamics of the family have been strained since the death of the patriarch.  🔊

The dynamics of the relationship between Tom and Alice were complex and multifaceted, with each person bringing their own unique perspective and background to the table.  🔊

Ryan's work on the dynamics of economic systems was widely respected, and his theories and models were used by policymakers and economists around the world.  🔊

Alice's research on the dynamics of the human mind helped to shed light on some of the underlying mechanisms of cognition and behavior.  🔊

The dynamics of the political situation in the country have been volatile in recent months.  🔊

The dynamics of the relationship between Sarah and John were complex and often difficult to understand.  🔊

Tom's understanding of the dynamics of power and politics was instrumental in his success as a political strategist and advisor.  🔊

The dynamics of the market can be difficult to predict, with shifts and changes happening quickly.  🔊

Emma was well-known for her ability to navigate the complex dynamics of the corporate world, and was often sought out for her insights and advice.  🔊

Ryan was an expert in the dynamics of social networks, and his research focused on understanding how information and influence spread through networks of people.  🔊

The dynamics of the team improved greatly after they received training on effective communication.  🔊

Tom and Alice's relationship was characterized by a dynamic give-and-take, with each person challenging and supporting the other in equal measure.  🔊

The dynamics of the group changed significantly after the arrival of the new members.  🔊

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